12 Reasons to Attempt Impossible Things

The American culture is built on the will to attempt and accomplish impossible things. It’s one of the primary traits and behaviors that endears audiences and readers to certain characters in literature and even modern-day movies. The same is true in real life, too.

Sometimes these attempts to accomplish impossible things are very public. Consider the desire to go to the moon. That was a very public goal that united the nation’s best minds to drive toward a seemingly impossible idea at the time. Other times the attempts to accomplish impossible things are very private. It could be a change in eating habits, addiction, or thinking.

Whatever the change is that needs to take place in your life, the need to attempt impossible things is like the need to breathe in clean air. Your body needs oxygen to survive. I would suggest that your soul needs to risk to thrive. When I say soul, I’m talking about the life-force within you that gives you the courage to become the full expression of our divine design. You will never fully realize the power to change yourself or others unless you attempt to do things and strive for goals you believe are out of reach.

For all the talk about change and attempting impossible things, very few people act on that impulse deep within them. As easy as it is to identify an opportunity to act, it’s just as easy to convince yourself that the risk is too big. So you eventually just move past the opportunity or settle for less than what’s possible to avoid the pain, regret, or disappointment of not hitting the mark.

No one experiences victory without failure.

You can experience failure without victory, but you can’t experience victory without understanding and experiencing failure. It’s part of the great adventure of life and self-discovery that must be embraced if impossible things are to become true.

Let me suggest 12 reasons to attempt impossible things:

1.     You were created to accomplish the impossible. Only you can do what you were created to do. You are qualified to take the next step toward that right now.

2.     The call to adventure is an opportunity for personal growth. Life is a journey, not a destination. Your experiences are fuel for your journey of self-discovery.

3.     You will be required to move beyond what’s familiar and predictable. Impossible is never found in places of safety. It always takes you beyond your sense of comfort.

4.     Belief in the impossible will open your mind to new ways of thinking. Your mind is a battleground. You must learn to see the familiar with a new set of eyes. When you do, a world of limits will become a world of possibilities.

5.     New thinking will require you to form new habits and disciplines. You only experience true personal growth when you can sustain a change over time. That’s what discipline is all about.

6.     Reaching for what is impossible will force you to connect with others. You are not the only source of your genius. Others around you have something to offer you that will be valuable to you along the way. You must learn how and when to tap into that.

7.     You will need to enlist others to accomplish your vision. This is where vision becomes so important. Clarity will command attention and encourage others to join you in your journey.

8.     You will learn to trust people more whole-heartedly. You can’t let people help you if you don’t trust them.

9.     You will learn to rely on the expertise of others. No one ever accomplished anything great all on their own.

10.  You will make peace with the idea that the path to breakthrough includes pitfalls and unexpected challenges. It would be great if life was an “up and to the right” proposition, but it’s not. Enjoy the ride.

11.  You will grow comfortable in your skin. The more self-aware you become, the more accepting you will be about what makes you unique and special.

12.  Accomplishments will give you the courage to embrace your divine design. You won’t just attempt impossible things once in life. You’ll do it again and again. There is a level of confidence and strength that comes over time that will help propel you forward.

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

You can acquire knowledge in the classroom, but you can only find wisdom in the pursuit of life. I live in a world where knowledge can be perceived as power. It is an essential element for success, but knowledge should not be an end itself. It should be a gateway to a world of experience that leads to opportunity, growth, and wisdom.

The people who tell the best stories are the ones who decided it was more important to attempt impossible things than stay in a place of comfort and safety. This is one of the reasons I like talking to and spending time with people much older than me.

No one at the end of their life ever talks about the things they did. They always talk about the things they wish they had done. It’s interesting to me that the most mature people in our society understand what regret is in a very tangible way. That’s not meant to be critical or judgmental. It’s simply to illustrate a point that life is short.

The window of opportunity is open to you each day. Will you accept the adventure that is before you? Or will you continue to choose safety?

As someone who has wanted to swim back to shore a hundred times, I’m glad I attempted impossible things. Sometimes it worked out. Sometimes I fell flat on my face. But through it all, I’ve learned about myself, discovered my divine design, built some fantastic relationships, and accomplished the impossible a time or two along the way. And I’m just getting started!

Life is a gift. What will you do with it? Just say yes to adventure in front of you. You’ll be glad you did.

CHALLENGE: What is holding you back from your next great adventure? What would have to be true for you to be willing to say yes? Close your eyes and think about yourself 50 years from now. What stories do you want to be able to tell? What do you have to do today to make it possible for you to one day be able to tell those stories?