2 types of mentors every leader needs


As I’ve mentioned before, finding someone who can serve as mentor to you as you journey to discover your divine design is crucial. While I’ve always encouraged people to find one person they could meet with on a consistent basis, I came across a post the other day that made some excellent points.

Most people assume they only need one mentor. However, author, blogger, and entrepreneur coach Jeff Cornwall shared a post explaining why every person should have two mentors. As I read through his post, it described some crucial characteristics about mentors.

Whatever your role might be as a leader, here are the two types of mentors you need in your life:

1. A mentor who’s interested in what you’re doing.

Consider this person a professional mentor. This is someone who is interested in helping you become the best leader possible. Most times, this is a person who has the experience you may lack in your industry. It could be a retired pastor or business leader.

2. A mentor who’s interested in who you’re becoming.

Consider this person a personal mentor. This is someone who is interested in helping you become the best person possible. While some of your conversations might naturally flow into your role as a leader, ultimately, this person is going to help you develop into the best version of yourself. This includes your role as a husband or wife, father or mother, friend or boss.

Most people have a mentor that serves in one of the two roles. However, having two mentors that meet each need is crucial for helping you become the best leader possible.

So how do you go about discovering these two mentors and begin developing close relationships with them?

The first step is to focus on finding one mentor. I suggest you look for someone who can speak truth into your entire life, including your marriage, your parenting, and your personal development. This is a person who you would say, “I want to be exactly like them” in every area of life. After all, no matter what leadership role you might hold, this person will be interested in who you’re becoming more so than what you’re currently doing. Set the expectation up front that you would like for him or her to help you grow and develop in every area of life.

Once you’ve done that, identify someone who’s been successful in your particular field or leadership role. This person will help provide you with a specific game plan for becoming a better leader in your career.

Do you have two people in your life to serve as mentors in these areas? How have you benefited from it?