Loose Change


[vimeo id="148302671"] You know, in leadership we often focus on creating big changes in our organizations. We want to transform the system and cultivate innovative mindsets. We want our organizations to be leading from the cutting edge! One thing we sometimes forget are the little changes that need to happen as well. These small things are like the loose change in your pocket. By itself, it’s not worth much. But if you keep saving it, over time it can become a significant amount. That’s the principle behind a “lean” or stream-lined organization. So here are some thoughts on the importance of stream-lining in leadership.

First of all, cultivating a lean organization improves your present performance. The “loose change” in an organization can be a variety of things. Maybe you have several employees that are duplicating each other’s work. Maybe you have someone who needs to delegate more of their workload. In the big picture, these may seem like small things. But small things can inhibit your organization’s ability to innovate and grow. If your members are not operating at the fullness of their potential then your organization isn’t either.

Secondly, small issues can lead to big problems. Again, things that seem small at the moment can grow quickly in the future. The negative affect of something small is directly related to your organization’s growth. It’s like a chain that’s holding up a box. The heavier the box gets, the more pressure is put on each link in the chain. If the chain has a “weak link,” that link is eventually going to snap when too much weight is put on it. Your organization functions the same way. As it continues to grow, more and more “pressure” is being put on those small things. So tackle even small issues early on before they become urgent.

Lastly, a lean organization fosters future sustainable growth. One of the big advantages of a lean organization is your potential for growth. When you maximize your efficiency as an organization you generate opportunities for organic, grassroots growth from your employees. Instead of spending time and energy on unproductive tasks, they can now invest it into strategizing or developing sustainable innovations that will help you grow even further.

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