Reflecting Power


[vimeo id="151574217"] One of the key disciplines of an effective leader is reflection. Usually we reflect over the past year or our previous strategy or vision. But one simple and powerful way of reflecting is to review your day each night before going to sleep. No matter what season of life you’re currently in, cultivating a habit of reflecting on your day is a life discipline that will help you learn and grow. So here are a couple of things to consider as you reflect on your day.

First of all, reflect on the best part of your day. Always start here. It can be tempting to start with the negative because we tend to dwell on it more. But force yourself to focus in on your successes today. Then ask yourself some questions. Why was it the best part? Was it something you achieved? Was it a surprise? Is it something you can repeat tomorrow?

Whatever it was, write it down and celebrate it.

Secondly, reflect on the worst part of your day. It can be tempting to list out all of your failures for the day. But instead, just pick the one point or the one thing that was the worst part. Maybe something didn’t go as planned. Maybe you received some bad news. Or perhaps it was just the time between waking up and getting your first cup of coffee!

Whatever it is, think about it and then ask yourself some questions. Why was it the worst part of the day? Could it have been avoided? Do you need to do something differently? What did you learn from it?

Take a moment to write it down along with a few of your answers to the questions.

Finally, consider what you’re looking forward to the most tomorrow. You always want to end on a good note. So what gets you excited about tomorrow? Is it a particular class? Something happening at work? Or are you most excited about 5 o’clock? Think about it for a moment, and then ask yourself what you could do to make tomorrow even better! You see, reflecting not only helps you draw the most out of today, but it also helps you build a better tomorrow.

Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you’ve been encouraged by this post and are beginning to reflect on each day. Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below! Thanks again, and have a great day!