Season of Thriving


[vimeo id="151572045"] You know, leadership is definitely something we can prepare for, but there are a few things about leadership that you never know until you experience them firsthand. Sometimes being a leader can be a very lonely experience. Oftentimes leadership is frustrating and at other times it can definitely have seasons of discouragement when things just aren’t moving the way we would like.

You know, all of us want to see things thrive and prosper. We want to see our organizations grow as well as ourselves. So when our vision seems to sputter and stall, it effects every aspect of our lives. We begin to doubt and question ourselves. We are a little less bold and dream a little bit smaller. That’s why it’s so important we’re ready for those seasons. So here are a few thoughts on how to thrive even through difficult times.

First of all, connect yourself with a like-minded community of leaders. If you want to become a thriving leader, be intentional about surrounding yourself with people who share your values and are shaping you to become better than you are today. This also cultivates a support system when you might be struggling through a season of leadership. The people who can best encourage you are leaders with similar experience, values and visions. So surround yourself with good people.

Secondly, do a direction check. Sometimes, leaders get caught up with things and lose their sense of direction. If you’re not leading in a definite direction, your organization (and you) will probably end up stalling. This is true in your career, your spiritual life, or your family. Direction, not intention, determines destination. Focusing on the direction you’re headed will help you become a leader who thrives.

And finally, don’t confuse busyness with effectiveness. It’s so easy for a leader to fall in the trap of “doing things” and “being busy.” You find yourself always on the go, always doing something…but never actually doing anything impactful. So if you find yourself getting discouraged or losing momentum, check what you’re day to day schedule looks like. If it’s full of meetings that have no impact on your organization, then it’s time to take a step back and re-strategize.

Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you’ve been encouraged by this post and are equipped to thrive as a leader. Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below! Thanks again, and have a great day!