National Leadership Forum 2016


[vimeo id="156012920"] No leader knows…everything. So being an effective leader means being intentional about engaging innovative ideas and seizing opportunities that will push and challenge you to live on the cutting edge. One of the 9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership is the discipline of learning. It’s essential that we cultivate a habit of continued personal and professional development.

One of my favorite events to engage in this kind of development is Southeastern’s National Leadership Forum. The Forum is specifically designed for encouraging and empowering all leaders to become effective in their missional drive. The conference will be held at Southeastern on Friday, March 18th and tickets are already on sale.

Here’s our lineup of speakers:

“JB” Brown:

James Brown is a three-time Emmy award-winning network broadcaster. He is the host of The NFL Today and Super Bowl 50. He is a graduate from Harvard University where he received All-Ivy League honors in his last three seasons of basketball. He is also the author of Role of a Lifetime and the co-founder of Brown Technology Group.

Ron Clark:

Ron Clark is affectionately known as “America’s Educator.” He is the founder of the world-renowned Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta that is based on innovative teaching methods and curriculum. He is also the author of several best-selling books including his newest book, Move Your Bus.

Admiral Vern Clark:

Admiral Vern Clark served as the Chief of Naval Operations for five years. During this time, he revolutionized the Navy’s human capital strategy and achieved the best recruiting and retention record in history. He has received numerous distinguished honors and is the author of Sea Power 21.

Dr. Mark Esposito:

Dr. Mark Esposito is a Harvard professor of business, government, and society in France. He is the founding director of the Lab-Center for Competiveness. He is also the author and co-author of nine books including his latest, From Hubris to Disgrace, which tells of the shortcomings of the financial industry.

Peggy Noonan:

Peggy Noonan is a well-known and highly respected columnist for The Wall Street Journal. She is also the author of eight books on American politics, history and culture. In the 1980s, she served as special assistant speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan and later for Vice President George H. W. Bush during his campaign for presidency.

Byron Pitts:

Byron Pitts is a multiple Emmy award-winning journalist. He is currently the co-anchor of ABC’s Nightline. He is widely-known for his coverage of Ground Zero immediately following the September 11th attacks. He is also the author of Step Out of Nothing detailing his own story of overcoming illiteracy and a speech impediment.

Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you can find time to join us at the National Leadership Forum! We’ll also have digital copies available afterwards if you can’t make it in person. Thanks again, and have a great day!