Keep Your Day Job


[vimeo id="156021817"] We often talk about the importance of empowerment and being courageous as a leader in pursuing innovation. As you listen and read about growing as a leader, it’s easy to feel that you’re not doing enough in your current job. You can’t really empower people or develop an innovative strategy for your organization.  Your job doesn’t really mesh with your vision and leadership abilities. It can be tempting to just quit your job and pursue your passions. But most of the time, that’s an unhealthy and unwise decision. Even if you feel you’re not “doing enough,” there are other ways you develop as a person and as a leader. Here are a few ways you can grow in your day job even if it’s not the perfect fit for you.

First of all, use this season to broaden your strengths. You know, many times the greatest reason we want to leave our job is because it doesn’t match our skillset. Maybe you’re in an administrator role when you’re much more of a visionary. That can make work seem much more difficult and draining. But it’s also an opportunity for you to strengthen areas you might be weak in. If you are a visionary but a weak administrator, then being in that role will help broaden your range of strengths and ultimately empower you to be a more effective visionary leader in the future. You’ll understand better how administrators have to function and you’ll learn how a vision is actually played out in the day to day operations of your organization.

Secondly, look for opportunities in your current job. One of the most important principles of leadership is having a long-term perspective. You may not be adequately matched with your own talents and strengths in your current job. But what about down the road? Are there positions you could work towards that would better suit your development as a leader? Are there projects you could be assigned to in the future that would utilize your leadership abilities? Remember that quitting your current job means quitting its future as well. So take time and reflect on what that future could look like and how your current season can help shape the future that you might not see yet.

Finally, remember to be faithfully diligent wherever you are. You know, the greatest leader in all of history was Jesus. And one of the principles He gave was that whoever was faithful in little things could be trusted with great things. So in other words, if you want to be a world-shaper, you first have to learn to be a work-shaper. So don’t give up on your day job! Keep in mind that it’s the stepping-stone to ultimately fulfilling God’s divine destiny on your life. He won’t let you miss your missional mark if you remain faithful in your responsibilities in this current season. You’re not there by accident; God has a purpose for you in every phase of life. So remain diligent and faithful in this season.

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