3 Absolute Must Reads for Every University Student


“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”  Albert Einstein

If there’s one way I encourage students to become lifelong learners, it’s to develop a habit of reading. However, according to Para Publishing:

That’s incredibly disappointing, considering the great value of reading in developing and discovering your divine design. Thankfully, many students I interact with day to day are committed to lifelong learning and value reading, often asking me for book recommendations.

In fact, I want to highlight three solid formational books for university students to read. These books provide an array of insights helping you discover your divine design and become the best student, leader, friend, future employee, and person you can possibly be:

  • Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin McManus is one of my top five favorite books, full of encouragement to make the most of life. Throughout are stories of people seizing or missing divine moments. Because university is such a crucial time, the book provides great insights for students on how important seizing dig in the future. However, “what we’re doing” should be a secondary priority. The thing I love about this bookvine moments can be.
  • The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg is another must read. University students are under a lot of pressure to focus on what they’ll be doin is that it focuses instead on “who we’re becoming” and outlines ways to become the best version of ourselves.
  • Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley is a book I would recommend for every university student, whether they consider themselves a leader or not. Andy provides brilliant yet practical wisdom for the next generation of leaders. I often remind university students that one day they’ll be the ones running our society. Although you may be at the bottom of the totem pole now, it’s important to learn as much as you can about leadership for what will come in days ahead. This book is one of the best leadership reads for university students.

What books would you advise university students to read?