3 C habits that will ruin your life


[vimeo id="92246009"] Ever wondered about what makes people miserable? Well there are many habits in our lives that will either edify or destroy who we were designed to be. Today, I want to highlight a few habits that will destroy your life. It is important to recognize them and develop ways to eradicate them from your life. Once you do, I guarantee that you’ll experience life much more abundantly.

Number one, a habit of cynicism. I can’t stress enough about the importance of this principle. Cynical people will breed bitterness and strife in the communities that they’re living in, and unfortunately our society is not doing much to help. We’re constantly bombarded with regular messaging of negativity about life, people and events. It’s no surprise that there are negative people in the world. It is always easy to run along with the crowd and join the cynical people in their rants, but I challenge you to run in the opposite direction. A positive attitude has more power than a negative one and will always outshine pessimistic cynicism.

Number two, a habit of complacency. The type of complacency I’m talking about is being content with being dissatisfied. This could be in your career, when you discover that you’ve reached the limit of your position. It may be time for a new adventure. If you think that you’re at this point, I challenge you to start seeking for more challenges for your journey. Maybe ask your boss for a new project or start pursuing other ambitions outside your work. This can be difficult, but revisit those passions inside your divine design and I guarantee you that you’ll discover something new. You’ll discover that complacency will disappear.

Number three, a habit of coveting. This is a subtle habit that can creep in from a variety of different directions and unfortunately, in our materialistic culture, this is a tough one to eradicate from your life. You may find yourself wishing you had your neighbor’s car, house, job or even their spouse, and pretty soon it becomes an overbearing thought in your life. You begin to lash out at people at work or at your home and might not even know why you’re acting like this. The good news is there’s a way out and it begins with an attitude of thankfulness. Begin to think through your life and thank God for all the things He has given you. These could be your education, your home, your amazing spouse and family, and the healthy relationships you have with them. Above all, thank God for who He made you to be and the relationship that you have with Him. I guarantee you will find covetous thoughts losing their power when you cultivate gratitude into your daily life.

I hope these thoughts have encouraged you today. What are some habits you would add to this list? How would you overcome them?

I’d love to hear from you; please feel free to respond on my blog.