3 Disciplines Leaders Should Reclaim


[vimeo id="126965518"] I’m continually amazed by how fast things change. What was once cutting-edge is now obsolete. Things that were luxuries are now necessities. While much of the change is good, sometimes we lose effective principles and practices in the midst of our drive for improvement. Relevant magazine recently published an article concerning some practices the church needs back in its life. Here are three of those disciplines along with my own thoughts.

First, make time for silence and solitude. I recently published a blog post on why people run from silence, but it’s an important discipline that many church communities and ministry leaders lack. When you’re by yourself, you lose the distractions that confuse or mislead you. Silence creates an environment for effective reflection, strategizing, and refreshment. Ministry leaders should always encourage Christ-follower to take time to meditate and be silent before God. Jesus set this example very clearly through His ministry – we should take note of it.

Second, prioritize deep relationships. In the world of the social network, we often exchange the quality of relationships for the quantity of relationships. We have many “friends” who are really just people we know of but not people we know. This is true for Church goers. Often people in Christ following communities tend to keep to themselves. However, if you never open yourself up to others, you will continue dwell in personal isolation. That’s not how God created you to live. He created us so to be in relationship with others which requires depth and personal transparency.

The last discipline is intentionally encouraging others. Encouragement is not simply complimenting people. According to Hebrews 10:24, encouragement means spurring your brothers and sisters on toward love and good deeds. Sometimes it’s messy. People will fail, which means that we as the church, must be the force that gets them back in the saddle. Encouragement means getting behind others and empowering them to fulfill their own Divine Design.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I pray these words will encourage you on your own journey through life. Please feel free to leave any comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!