3 Failing Mindsets to Avoid


[vimeo id="126967859"] Let’s face it, failures are inevitable. The key to success is not trying to avoid failure, but determining to learn from it. Often times, we adopt mindsets when we fail that make us more likely to repeat our mistakes instead of learning from them. John Maxwell recently published a blog about becoming a successful failure. Here are a couple of “failing mindsets” that he argues we need to avoid. I’ll share them along with some of my own thoughts.

First, mindset of rationalizing. Here’s what I mean. Often, our instinctive response to failure is to absolve ourselves of responsibility. So we begin rationalizing why we failed. It was my co-workers fault because they didn’t send me the information on time. I didn’t have the resources. I had a hundred other things that were more important. Whatever the reason, don’t underestimate your tendency and ability to rationalize failure. Choose to embrace the responsibility for the failure. Yes, asses what went wrong and learn from the experience, but don’t shrug off your responsibility.

Second, mindset of comparing. If we can’t get out of the responsibility, we try to shift the focus to other people. We either try to minimize our failure by exaggerating other people’s failures, or we explain why their success was circumstantial. You may say, “I got it to you a day late, but my co-worker still hasn’t turned their report in.” They had a better team than I did, so of course they did better. The problem is you never address how you could do better if you are focused on shifting the blame. So think about how you could do better.

Lastly, we begin lamenting. If we still can’t escape the blame, we get stuck focusing on our failure. Our identity becomes determined by our past failure instead of our future potential. We think that if only I had done something different, then I would be a great employee. If we focus on our past failure, we’ll never turn it into a present success. We have to remember that failures often hold the key to future success. We need to find the key in each failure.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you have been encouraged and empowered as you continue your adventure of life. Please feel free to leave any comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!