3 Reasons Why You Must Have Faith in People


[vimeo id="169760371"] If you don’t believe in others, you can’t invest in them.

The most important thing a leader can do is believe the best about other people. It’s a slippery slope if you don’t. This is what Dr. Henry Cloud reminds us in his new book, The Power of the Other. Dr. Cloud talks about the need to know and understand the people you lead. It goes beyond the tactical efforts to get the job done. A leader must honor the humanity, emotions, and personhood of the people they lead.


The old adage that “people don’t know how much you know until they know how much you care” is still true. If you don’t use the power of relationships and connection to fuel your leadership, you’ll burn up our burn out before you can achieve the change you want to see in the world.

The most important thing I do as a leader is invest in others. Some have even called me an opportunity architect. My number one priority is to help people discover what they don’t know about themselves and encourage them to step into their Divine Design and become all who God created them to be.


Here’s why:

1. People are emotional beings at their core. It’s easy for a leader to push people to accomplish their objectives without connecting with them emotionally. But what ends of happening is either mediocrity or that person ends up leaving. Why? It’s rarely just because of money or a better opportunity. It’s because everyone wants a place where they can be seen, known, heard, and contribute to something that matters to them.

2. People follow leaders who believe in them. Think about the teachers and coaches you had in school growing up. The ones who stand out in your mind are the ones who made an effort to connect with you individually and personally. It’s much easier to follow someone when you know they believe in you.

3. People will make or break your organization. If you don’t believe people are essential to your success as a leader, you are fooling yourself. Your people will determine your limits and your success. They are your most important asset. If you want to create breakthrough and change, you need more than your personal volition and strength to pull it off.

No leader intentionally surrounds himself or herself with people they can’t believe in. That would be the surest path to defeat. A good leader knows how to use the power of connection to unlock potential that was always there but was either unrecognized or had not yet been activated.

I can tell you that I am who I am today because other leaders had faith in me. Now it’s my turn to do the same. Both for the students at Southeastern University and for those who part of the leadership and faculty of the organization.

Where you want to go is in reach if you leverage the power of connection to demonstrate your faith in others, especially those who are helping you shape your next.

Challenge: Do you know something personal about the people who directly report to you? When was the last time your celebrated a personal victory or accomplishment not related to work with the people you are investing in? If you’re drawing blanks right now, then I suggest you get out of your office, grab some coffee, and have a conversation. You’ll be glad you did. And you’ll change your trajectory forever.