3 reasons why people miss the catalyst for adventure


Each of us are presented with telling moments that could catapult our journey to discovering our divine design. But not everyone recognizes such moments for what they are. Whether it’s a paramount event or a simple conversation, these moments can slip by us, representing fragments of a puzzle that will never be put together.

The first thing we must do to avoid missing a divine design opportunity is to identify the common reasons we miss the catalyst. Here are three reasons why many miss out on life’s invitation to adventure:

Some people see the world as small instead of full of unlimited opportunities. This is especially true for people who are never challenged to reach for something that might ask them to risk failure. It’s safe to avoid challenges, but it also robs us of the chance to discover more of our divine design and destiny.

Some people are influenced by their environment. When our heart wants to reach for the impossible, we are told by someone—parents, friend, boss, spouse—that they know what’s best for us, and our impossible is not it. We are not encouraged to break from the norm to discover clarity, confidence, and conviction because the other people believe our pursuit is a direct threat to their sense of security.

Some people are held captive to other peoples’ expectations. I’ve had the privilege to serve as a sports broadcaster, a pastor, a college dean, and now a university president. At every turn, I had to let go of how other people saw me in order to embrace the opportunity that was right before me. Had I not, I would never have experienced all the fullness life has brought me through these moments of transition.

When we fail to pay attention to the interruptions that come into our lives and fail to see them as windows of opportunity, we leave part of our destiny on the table. But it’s not lost forever. If we choose to pass on the invitation now, that just means we’ll have to wait for the next invitation to say yes. In the meantime, you’ll live in the midst of unrecognized opportunity.

Now that you know these common reasons for missing the opportunity for adventure, my hope is that you will do everything you can to push through whenever you find yourself dreaming small or being intimidated by the opinions or desires of others.

Are any of these reasons holding you back from discovering who God created you to be?