3 reminders from rendering unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar


[vimeo id="91297434"] Taxes are due today. April 15th is the day of reckoning and paying the government our dues. I’ve never heard anyone say that they love to pay their taxes. In fact, I don’t think anybody really enjoys it. However, there are a lot of benefits that we receive from rendering unto Caesar what belongs to him. I think that Christ-followers can also be reminded of a few things from paying their taxes.

Here they are:

Number one, it reminds us that money isn’t our safety net. Many times money can become the focal point of our lives and can easily become the thing that we depend on the most. It can blind us and cause us to rely on it more than God. April 15th can help us remember that money will always be taken from us, but God will not. He alone should be our safety net. He desires for us to rely on Him absolutely.

Number two, it reminds Christ-followers to give God what belongs to Him. Most of us can remember the scripture from Mark chapter 12 where the Pharisees try to trick Jesus with a question about whether or not they should be paying taxes to Caesar. Jesus of course, knew what they were trying to do and says to give Caesar what is his, and to God, what is God’s. We should be more concerned about what we’re doing with our lives and if we’re being faithful with our divine design rather than worrying about if should or shouldn’t pay taxes. God is more concerned with the deeper issues. Money matters little in the long scheme of things.

Number three, it reminds us that we must submit to authority. Romans 13 talks about the necessity of everyone being subject to authority, and paying taxes is a part of how we accomplish that in the natural. We can always discuss who should pay more and who should pay less, but the point is that all of us should pay something. Taxes are a part of living in a functioning society, and like most things in life, it requires money to run properly.

So, I hope you prepared your taxes today and have sent them in. If not, I think you have until the end of day to do that. I trust these few ideas have been encouraging reminders of the reason why we pay taxes.

What would you add to this list and why? Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!