30 Is the New 21


[vimeo id="136471637"] I read an article recently about research on the Millennial generation. It found that most young people don’t feel that they’ve become adults until around 30. This generation has more opportunities than any other generation before them, so if you’re a twenty-something, it’s easy to get lost. Storyline published a blog on seven things you should do in your twenties, and most of them were about choosing a direction for your life. So if you’re feeling a little stuck or that your life has been put on hold, here are five things to help you get the ball rolling.

First, check who’s influencing you. For most twenty-somethings, their greatest influence is their friends and piers. So if your friends are unmotivated or have a self-centered view of life, it’s time to find new ones. It’s not about rejecting those people, but you need new influences in your life.

Secondly, write down your goals. I can’t emphasize enough how important this step is. Living life without written, defined goals is like trying to drive from Tampa, Florida to a house in San Francisco without the address, a map, or a GPS – there’s a very small chance you’ll get there, and you’ll probably feel lost most of the time. If you don’t have a five-year goal, write down a five-month or one-week goal. The point is to get some direction.

The third thing is lose the attitude. By attitude, I mean every mindset that will hinder your development or the development of those around you. This includes eye-rolling, laziness, skepticism, and especially cynicism.  None of those are helpful to you or to those around you, so let them go.

The next thing is read books. You don’t have to read War and Peace or some long, tedious work on philosophy, but find something to read that will get your brain running. Then get on a schedule – it can be a book a week or a book a month. If you actually start reading, you’ll develop an appetite to read more and begin spending less time talking about trivial things and more time talking about things important to life.

Lastly, do something. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, practicing an instrument, painting a picture, or working out, go out and accomplish something. As you actually do things, you’ll start building momentum and endurance to tackle larger projects or practice more difficult skills.

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you’ve been encouraged and are ready to go out and shape the world! Please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below! Thanks again and have a great day!