4 truths about this adventure called life


[vimeo id="79126649"] It’s easy to get excited whenever we talk about this adventure called life. The idea of new opportunities and endless possibilities stir our spirits. It’s exhilarating to know that we possess the power to create the lives we desire and define the legacy we leave behind.

While this adventure called life is both exciting and fun, that doesn't mean it's always easy. There are times when we feel like we’ve hit a dead end. Tough decisions may make us feel like we wish someone would just take over and make the decisions for us. Challenges seem too difficult to overcome. These are just a few of the things that make the journey difficult.

However, that doesn’t mean we give up. The best way to overcome the challenges during our journey is to know that they’re coming. Here are four things I’ve learned about this adventure called life that are important reminders as we journey to discover our divine design:

1. Adventure comes to us in many forms. It may be a conversation with a casual acquaintance or a close friend. It may be a set of circumstances that point to a moment of decision—whether big or small. It may be connecting the dots that suddenly becomes a clear indication of what will come next.

2. Adventure is not always pleasant. The Olympic athlete is filled with pride knowing that they will compete for their country on the world’s stage. They also understand that the training and commitment required in the process will be intense, unforgiving, and relentless.

3. Adventure is not always predictable. I’m not sure who introduced the idea that life could somehow be contained within a formula. Life is much more complex that checking anyone’s set of boxes—including our own. There is nothing predictable about life other than what we do with the present matters.

4. Adventure is not free of pain and suffering. No writer is free from the effort it takes to put words on a page. No executive is free from hard work and perseverance to strategically lead an organization. No athlete is free from disciplined training and practice. It is in wrestling through the pain and suffering that we uncover the richness hidden within the adventure to which we have been called.

If you don’t get in the practice of embracing these truths, you will miss the adventure that will make you into the person you dream of becoming. There is no great accomplishment that comes without a great price. There is no catch. There is no secret. But there must be a willingness to see and experience life in new ways.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you’ve learned one of these lessons personally?