5 Freshman Myths


[vimeo id="133933431"] School is back in session. Most upperclassmen have things figured out pretty well, but the incoming freshmen might be feeling a little overwhelmed with their new college adventure. So today, I decided to dispel a few myths about starting your college career.

First, freshmen think that they need to know their major right away. In other words, they need to know what they want to do for the rest of their life. I’ll be the first to admit that I did not know what I wanted to study after I graduated high school, and you don’t either. The whole point of getting a university education is to discover your calling. This means, explore different fields, take some random fun classes, and enjoy the process of discovery.

Second, freshmen think they can keep running back to mom and dad. Some parents won’t mind this, but freshmen need to understand that they are now adults, and it’s time to take responsibility. This means, they have to keep up with their class schedule, finances and work. This is a part of developing stewardship skills which will be used for the rest of life. It’s good to learn these as soon as possible.

Third, freshmen think they can skip class whenever they want. To be honest, they actually can’t. Remember that students are not just takers of information, but they also contribute to the entire class experience. In addition to that, most teachers will simply mark you down and this will hurt you later.

Fourth, freshmen might think that professors are too busy for them.  When in reality – at least at SEU – they enjoy meeting with students. Learning takes place inside and outside classroom. Often professors can impart more wisdom in a close group setting than in the classroom. It’s more of an open and informal forum for exchanging ideas.

Fifth, freshmen might think that there’s no time for fun. Your class schedule might be busy, but it’s important to send aside time to enjoy yourself. Remember, your university years are some of the most amazing years of your life. You’ll create friendships that will last a lifetime. You might even meet your spouse during these years. Your classwork is absolutely important, but it’s just as important to network and meet people. God wants to bring important people into your life, so be sure to be open to this.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I trust you’ve been encouraged by these thoughts. If you have some follow up thoughts, please do not hesitate to write a few words below. Have a great day!