5 Reasons Why Audacity Is Required for Breakthrough


[vimeo id="165184127"] Failure is never fatal. It’s just failure. If you’re going to reach for breakthrough, you should expect to fail.

No one likes to fail.

It’s not fun, glamorous, or even enjoyable. But it’s necessary. And if you want to achieve something that’s never been done before, failure is the surest path to new beginnings. It’s counter-intuitive I know. But I promise you; I’m right about this.

Audacity is not a word I hear used as much today as I did when I was growing up. But it’s an important word.

What you do as a leader has two dimensions: There’s what you do. And then there’s how others perceive what you do. Both are equally important. So when you’re attempting breakthrough in your organization, you should expect bold moves of yourself and a variety of responses from others.


Hint: If everyone likes everything you do, you’re not leading toward breakthrough.


Here are five reasons why you need audacity in your leadership:

  1. Audacity comes from clarity and confidence. When you’re centered as a leader, you’re confident in the decisions you make and the steps you take. If you’re not confident in yourself, no one else will be.
  1. Audacity draws out the best in others. When you make bold moves, others will surprise you. You’ll discover others who want to join you in your breakthrough but didn’t necessarily want to make the first move.
  1. Audacity proves that you are only held back by the limits you place on yourself. Audacity is often perceived negatively because we’re conditioned to follow the rules from very early in life. Rules are important. But sometimes you have to think outside the box and view the world differently.
  1. Audacity inspires new people to join you in your work. No one achieves breakthrough on their own. You need a team of people. When you make bold, courageous moves, others will be drawn to your passion and conviction.
  1. Audacity creates momentum. When you find momentum, the organization will fall behind you in support. And those who oppose you will have to decide whether they will go with you or not. There is no room for a passive response when you achieve momentum.

You have a decision to make as a leader.

Will you be captive to the constraints of your current situation, or will you be bold enough to step out in faith? It won’t be easy. You will experience resistance. But it will elevate your Divine Design and position you for a journey you’ll never forget.

Audacity is not a bad word. Embrace it. It’s a requirement to lead in our culture today.

Reflect: What’s holding you back from breakthrough today? Where do you need to be audacious? What bold action do you need to take today to step toward the breakthrough vision that is right in front of you?