5 reasons why God makes us wait


[vimeo id="77437536"] Have you ever heard people say that they’re tired of waiting? They complain that God is making them wait and follow it with something to the effect of, “Well, God is just teaching me patience.” Even though that might be the case, I think there might be a bit more to the picture than we can discern.

I came across an article by Relevant Magazine that struck close to my heart. I know people (especially young people) tend to be less patient and seem to expect things to happen much quicker. I believe we become too restless when things don’t happen at the pace that we want. I see this with students quite often. The article highlighted a few key characteristics that I want to share with you about why God might want us to wait.

Here they are:

1. Waiting reveals our true motives. The act of waiting actually can bring out the good and/or bad qualities that might not otherwise show. We can use these times of waiting for our advantage and learn about the areas of our divine design that we might need to work on. It helps us keep our ego in check.

2. Waiting builds patience in our lives. Reflect on what Jesus said, “Those who are faithful with little things shall be put in charge of bigger things.” If we keep this in mind, we can learn to be faithful with waiting for the bigger things and in turn we can be faithful waiting for the bigger things.

3. Waiting builds anticipation. We often think that anticipating is frustrating, but the truth is that as we anticipate and wait to reach a goal, the more we will appreciate the achievement when we reach it. On the other hand, if we reach it too quickly, we’re in danger of being spoiled.

4. Waiting transforms our character. Think back to Moses. Most of us know that he – with God’s help – led Israel out of Egypt, but we don’t talk about the 40 years he spent in the desert before his great calling. While in Egypt, he killed a man! I’d say that was a character flaw, but after waiting for 40 years, God was ready to use him. I like to think that during that time, Moses had a chance to grow and develop patience. God knew he would need patience to deal with the people of Israel. And, if any of you know about the journey the out of Egypt, the Israelites were not exactly a joy to deal with most of the time. That waiting period transformed Moses into the leader that God wanted to use to bring Israel out of the desert.

5. Waiting builds intimacy and dependency upon God. Many of the major characters in the Bible had to wait on God for many things. It was during those times that they grew closer to God. It’s a time to be cherished and appreciated.

Don’t allow waiting to rob you of the journey God has designed for you to walk through. And remember, it’s not so much about the destination as it is about the journey. Learn to enjoy the now and live your journey.

Why do you struggle with waiting? What have you learned from it?