5 ways to get a leg up in the job hunt


[vimeo id="110572962"] The job hunt is a difficult thing for everyone. People are extremely driven and determined today. They want to achieve what they’ve been dreaming about their whole lives. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of when you start going out for a job.

Number one, first impressions are the key. In fact, I’d say this is more important than your resume. The greatest chance you have is in the first few minutes of meeting your potential employer. Your resume will help, but people buy into you before they buy into your resume. Be aware of the emotional climate in the room and pay attention to social ques. I know it’s a lot to think about, which is why you have to relax, and above all, be yourself.

Number two, keep your antennas up for the next career move. You may not need a job right now, but as you meet people make sure to keep connections open. The reality is that today more than ever, it’s extremely important to be a strong networker. God will use the people in your circle to open new doors for you. So be open to what He might be bringing about in your life. Above all, be patient – it takes time to be successful.

Number three, make connections. Now this lines up with the previous point, but it’s a little different. You need to expand your circle of influence to new areas. Everyone you encounter is a connection of some sort, so go outside of your normal circle and meet new people and do new things. It’ll pay off when you happen to meet the person that will be your boss one day!

Number four, be intentional about the company’s objective, not just your own. Don’t let your own agenda cloud your vision. Be passionate about the company that interests you and start seeking out their biggest concerns and being able to create solutions for them. This will help you care about the mission of the organization before you start working for them. This will also show them that you mean business.

Number five, be willing to start at the bottom. More often than not people don’t just walk in and get the job of their dreams right off the bat. It will take starting at entry-level position and eventually moving up as you gain the respect and a reputation of a person that works hard. This takes patience, but if you stay faithful and define your work with excellence, I have no doubt that you will advance in your career and do exceedingly well.

Keep these ideas in mind as you move forward in your career. Keep striving and pushing forward and do your best to do things with excellence. Doing things well or better than they need to be done, will take you further than you think. So be encouraged.

If you have some follow up thoughts, please feel free to let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day!