6 things every job hunter should know


[vimeo id="80835877"] We live in a very interesting time for people looking for their first job. The “normal path” most people who’ve been working for 10 or 15 years followed no longer exists. Finding a job in today’s world can be frustrating, discouraging, or seemingly impossible.

Whether you’re a college senior trying to figure out what you should do after you graduate or you’re out of college looking for another job, here are six things you should know as you look for what’s next:

Relationships are the key to unlocking success. If there’s one piece of advice I would give, it would be this: building positive relationships is essential to being “successful” no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. Landing a job you want is much more about who you know than what you know. Start building relationships. Find people who work in an industry you’re interested in and ask them to meet for coffee. Meet with one new person every week

Don’t quit your job. While you may not love your current situation, don’t backtrack by quitting your job. There are ways to discover your divine design despite your current predicament. If you don’t have a job, here are a few ideas to make the most of your time while you’re searching.

Do something worth talking about. You can either wait around and hope somebody picks you or you can do something remarkable where they don’t have any other choice but to hire you. Here are a few ways you can stand out above the rest despite your current resume.

Use what you already know to help you land a job. Social media is natural for college students. Why not use it to help you land a job? Here are a few practical ways you can use social media to find and possibly be offered the job you want.

Don’t focus on choosing between “God’s work” and a “real job.” As president of a Christian university, this is a struggle I see a lot of soon-to-be graduates face. When you have a proper understanding of God’s design for work, you realize that we can fulfill this desire to do “God’s work” no matter what job you accept.

Don’t take God out of the equation. This is the final, but most important, piece of advice I would give job hunters. Whatever role you might have in the future, don’t forget that God can’t be taken out of the equation for life. That’s because He invented it and you—He will work the end result as you trust in Him.

While most of my attention is focused on helping college students succeed, these principles aren’t exclusive to young adults. Everything mentioned above can help whether you’re 21 or 51.

What’s one piece of advice you would give soon-to-be graduates or young adults looking for a new job?