7 phases of discovering your divine design


Finding your divine design does not just “happen.” It is a journey, one that could take years of searching and navigating experiences. No matter how long it takes someone to discover what they were truly created to be, each person walks through a process to get there. Oftentimes you will hear people refer to these phases as “chapters” or “seasons” of life.

Regardless of what you call them, there are seven common phases along the journey to find your divine design:

1 Catalyst. At the beginning of any story, there is an inciting action that gets the characters moving. Those moments are catalysts because they are the beginning of a process that will shape you closer into whom God created you to be—and become. This phase is an invitation to recalibrate and reorient our lives for a new direction.

2 Reflection. Once your divine design is awakened, it is necessary to take time to reflect on your life. This is an essential step in confirming the catalyst as divinely inspired. During this process, think through experiences at work and events or conversations with family, friends, and mentors. Reflection reveals events and moments that help affirm the catalyst that ignited the process.

3 Decision. Without this step, your divine design is just an idea in your head. Although you may not have all the answers, making a decision to do something about your calling is critical to fulfilling your divine design. After reflecting, you either have to say yes or no to this calling.

4 Confirmation. After we act, we have the ability to obtain confirmation as to whether we're truly called to pursue this new opportunity. Confirmation often comes through prayer. Other times, it comes from an internal sense of fulfillment or the words of another person. It is essential during this time to be attentive and open to God’s Spirit. Be aware that not every success is confirmation, and not every failure is a sign you should quit. Ask God to give you wisdom to discern His will as you navigate forward.

5 Preparation. As you continue to grow to fulfill your divine design, push yourself to make the most of every opportunity to grow. This type of development happens in many ways, often through formal training or general life experience. Everything in life will either push you toward your divine design or away from it. The decision is yours.

6 Stepping Out. Although it may be scary, stepping out into your divine design is the only way to make it real. Risk is an essential component to health and growth. Until you follow through on what you know God has called you to do, you will have an unquenchable appetite for more and a general dissatisfaction with where you are today.

7 Discovery. Cultivating your divine design is a continual process, even after you act. When you have disciplined yourself to discover and grow through reflection and prayer, you’ll capture the significance of the important moments and experiences. This will give you the momentum as you begin the growth process again.

Whatever stage of the journey you’re on in discovering your divine design, I trust this post will be an inspiration to keep you going. When we’re properly equipped, walking through uncertain times becomes a lot easier. Keep striving!

Have you discovered your divine design? How did God wire you? What did you learn along the way?