A Lifestyle of Goal Setting


Part of being faithful with the gifts, talents, and passions of your divine design is setting specific goals for maximizing your potential in those areas. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a goal you established during the school year, make sure you set them. However, most of us probably wish we were more disciplined when it comes to accomplishing those goals. Maybe you’re someone who sets goals only to forget about them and never accomplish them, or maybe you’ve never been a goal setter and you’d like to start. Whatever your personal history when it comes to setting goals, today I wanted to share a new way to set goals that might help you actually achieve the things you set out to accomplish. Earlier this year, Jon Acuff shared an innovative idea when it comes to accomplishing your goals that I found really fascinating. He calls it the 52&7 method.

What is the 52&7 method of goal setting?

After setting New Year’s resolutions year after year only to forget about them, Jon decided to break down an entire year to help accomplish his goals. By taking the 365 days in a year and dividing them into seven periods of 52 days, Jon found a method that helped him accomplish more of his goals because he worked from a shorter timeline.

Essentially Jon’s method of goal setting forces you to set goals or habits in seven areas of your life (financial, physical, social, mental, career, family and spiritual) for 52 days. By creating one or two SMART goals for each area, you will have a list of seven to 10 goals that you can accomplish in the course of 52 days.

Where do you start?

If you want to adopt this 52&7 method of setting and accomplishing goals, here are some examples of goals you can set in each area:


  • Work out two days a week
  • No soda for the entire 52 days


  • Spend time with a certain friend once a week
  • Text a friend I haven’t talked with once a week


  • Read one book a month


  • Write 10 blog posts
  • Average a 3.5 in all classes
  • Finish book proposal


  • Talk to family once a week
  • Write a letter to each family member


  • Memorize Proverbs 1
  • Read the Bible five days a week

As you’ll notice, these goals aren’t drastic or very far-reaching, but that’s the key. For instance, if you want to lose 50 pounds in a year, you can break down the goal into seven pounds every 52&7 period. This not only makes it easier to track, it also makes it seem more attainable. If you like the progress you’re making in an area, you can expand on that goal in the next set of 52 days.

I think Jon’s 52&7 method is brilliant. Why? It’s the perfect way to get in the habit of setting and accomplishing goals. Oftentimes, accomplishing short-term goals is what sets us up to accomplish our long-term goals. If you’ve been struggling to accomplish your goals, try this. You might just find that this is exactly what you need to start accomplishing both short-term and long-term goals.

Are you up for trying the 52&7 method? If so, what are some of your goals for the next 52 days?