A Tactful Tongue


[vimeo id="133927904"] There’s always something to say, but it might not always be the right time to say it. When people – especially leaders – understand the power of timing their words, they will posture themselves for success. Today I’d like to share a few ideas about what it means to be wise in our speech.

First, don’t invite a fight. We’ve all heard that the power of life and death is in the tongue. It’s such a common saying because it’s true. Your words have the power to create conflict or adversity. In addition to that, our words can either build up or tear down, and the right words at the wrong time might actually create more problems than solutions. This is why the timing of our words is so powerful in all interactions with others. Be wise in what and how you say things.

Second, speak strategically. We’ve all been in moments when our temper might flare up or we just want to give someone a piece of our mind. Even if a certain word might be the right response to the issue, it might not be the right time to deliver it. The tension might be too high or the person might not be ready to receive it. In fact, it might be exactly those words that will push the situation over the edge. Proverbs says, “A person finds joy in giving an apt reply; and how good is a timely word.” When we speak, we must always speak what is constructive to the situation at the given moment.

Third, live what you say. Your words become more powerful when you actually live what you say. It’s your actions that bring the power to your words. If our actions do not back up the words we’ve spoken we will diminish our influence in every situation. People will see that even though your words sound smooth, your actions are postured completely opposite to what people hear.  This is hypocritical. The most powerful demonstration of your convictions come with words that are backed by the example of your life.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I trust you’ve been encouraged by these thoughts. If you have some follow up thoughts, please do not hesitate to write a few words below. Have a great day!