Advice to Students


[vimeo id="148262268"] It’s the end of the semester! Every student is thinking about that moment when they are officially done. Some students are probably counting down the hours till they walk out of their last final and into the freedom of Christmas break. But the break isn’t just a time to rest…it’s also an opportunity to grow. Here are some suggestions for students as they head into this Christmas.

First of all, take what you’ve learned back home. The knowledge you gain in the classroom is only really valuable when you apply it to your life. Maybe you’re a ministry major. What methods of preaching and ministry leadership did you learn? Think about how you could invest that knowledge in your home church. And think about how you can help them succeed in their ministry goals. Maybe you’re a business student. What are some local businesses in your area that you could either help out or learn from? What we learn at the university isn’t just an experience, it’s about applying it to everywhere you go in life.

Secondly, exercise your brain. I know most students are ready to switch off their brains at the end of the semester – and that’s okay for a short time. However, here’s the thing – your brain is a muscle. The more you exercise it; the stronger it gets. College is like being on an athletics team for your mind. You have to discipline yourself to workout consistently. It’s easy to lose all of that muscle strength unless you remain faithful to keeping it up over break. So be determined to maintain your learning disciplines.

Finally, use this time to strategize. One of the main traits of success is using down time to strategize. For many students, the semester is about survival. You’re usually only thinking about next week and keeping up with assignments or preparing for exams. Winter break is a great time to re-focus and vision-cast for the long-term. What are the three main things you want to achieve by graduation? What are your major priorities heading into next semester? These are just some of the questions you should begin asking yourself over break. When we’re in the midst of accomplishing things it’s hard to take time to reflect and think about the future, that’s why breaks are essential for long-term success. We have to take time to think about what we’re doing next. So take some time to strategize on the future.

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you’ve been encouraged by this post. Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments you have below. Thanks again, and have a great day!