After the Dream Is Discovered


As a university president, one of my favorite moments is when I get to see students realize their dreams and discover their divine design. Helping students work through and accomplish their goals is something I love to do. Many of the students I interact with every day started their journey through university with some idea of what they would like to accomplish—but very few have that one, definitive dream in place. Those often solidify during the university years. Whether it’s a girl who dreams of starting a clean water organization to build wells in Africa or a guy who finally realizes the career he wants to pursue, there’s something special about watching students progress as the light bulb of their dream turns on.

When those light bulbs shine, I’m often asked for advice. And nine times out of 10, the first question asked is, “What do I do now?”

A few days ago, I came across this post from Phil Cooke with some of the best advice I’ve ever heard when it comes to determining the first step after you discover your dream.

Just do something.

It may seem like the worst piece of advice you’ve ever heard, but if you just start to work toward accomplishing your dream, you’ll go further than a majority of others. Many people have dreams, but they never take decisive action toward that dream. By taking this first step of “just doing something,” you’ve overcome the biggest obstacle anyone faces in seeing dreams come to life: getting started.

As Phil mentioned, it doesn’t have to be a big first step. In fact, start small. If you want to write a book, write one page a day. If you want to start a clean water organization, start researching successful organizational models. If you want to land your dream job, start networking.

The first step after discovering your dream isn’t complicated, but it’s crucial. Just doing something will set you apart from the other 99 percent of people who have the same dream but never act on it.

What is your one dream? Have you started working on it?