No Time For That


[vimeo id="136468675"] Being sick is the worst. Apart from the physical pain, when I’m sick, I’m tired and struggle to concentrate which makes me feel useless and frustrated. For some reason, I almost feel like an outcast – as if I have a big sign on me that says, “Keep Away! I’m sick!” But one thing I’ve learned from being sick is that it never pays to compromise your health. Here are a few reasons you should never sacrifice your health even for work.

First, when it comes to health, shortcuts make for longer delays. You may be able to get away with four hours of sleep, two fast-food meals a day, and a high amount of stress for a short time. But at some point, it will catch up with you in a big way, and if you end up in the hospital or confined to your bed for three days, you’ll lose far more time and effort than you gained by compromising your health. So no matter how important it looks, never trade your long-term health for a short-term gain.

Second, choosing a healthy lifestyle demonstrates consistency and stability. You may think that a manager will be more impressed when you put in long hours or are available in middle of the night, but they know that’s not a sustainable lifestyle. It’s one thing to be committed to an organization and willing to invest the time when you need to, but a manager needs people who are stable and consistent who they can rely upon. They need people who are living healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Lastly, stewarding yourself is key to stewarding a company. You know, in the New Testament, having your house in order was a key criteria for becoming a church leader. If you couldn’t steward your house, why should someone trust you with a church? The same goes for your personal life! If you’re not making healthy, long-term decisions for your well-being, why would an executive think you could make healthy choices for their company? But if you’re a good steward of yourself, chances are you’ll be a good steward of an organization.

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