Are you caught in a busy trap?


Being busy is something our society has embraced. When someone asks us how we’re doing, there’s a sense of pride whenever we say that things have been busy. Oftentimes we feel guilty if we don’t feel busy enough.

However, there’s one thing we quickly realize if we take a step back from our busyness:

Being busy does not equal forward direction.

While you may have 15 things on your to-do list today, the truth is that all of it could actually be preventing you from moving in the direction you want to go with your life. A few days ago, I ran across a post from Steve Saccone that explained the primary reason why busyness is a trap.

In the post, Steve explained that the reason busyness can be so harmful on our journey to discovering the best version of ourselves is because busyness creates distraction. When we are distracted, we often miss the opportunity for the adventure God has for us.

How can we avoid the trap of busyness?

When it comes to discovering your divine design, you need space to reflect, to hear yourself talk, and to hear God talk to you.

Avoiding the trap of busyness might include:

● Setting aside time in your schedule to do nothing.

● Saying no to good obligations that might consume your capacity.

● Being intentional about listening to God as much as you talk to Him.

● Taking time to evaluate whether or not the things you’re doing are moving you forward in your journey.

Busyness is a trap. It can distract us from what’s really important and keep us from doing the right things. The best way to avoid busyness is to be intentional about seeking clarity and capacity in our lives.

Has the trap of busyness impacted your life? What are you doing to avoid it?