Are you reflecting on your life?


Reflection is rarely a skill encouraged or taught in our fast-paced American culture. What time is there to stop, look within, and align our passions and interests with our life’s work and divine destiny? There are books to read, meetings to attend, blog posts to publish, presentations to make, and soccer teams to coach. The list is endless.

However, life without reflection results in a stalemate of indecision. Making critical decisions and taking rash action without devoting the proper amount of time for reflection to cultivate clarity is a dangerous course of action. Without a clear understanding of where we are, what shifts are taking place, and where we might be headed, the likelihood of progress is dim. If you ever want to discover your divine design, it’s important to take time to reflect.

Here are 10 questions to provide you with a framework to learn from and reflect upon life experiences:

1. How did the catalyst moment come about?
2. Why do you think it happened now?
3. What excites you the most about the adventure?
4. What do you fear?
5. What expectations do you have for yourself when you complete the process?
6. List the top three moments of success in your life. What did you learn?
7. List the top three disappointments in your life. What did you learn?
8. Who are the people in your life—past or present—who have spoken wisdom to you at specific moments? What do you remember? How did it change you?
9. What are the most significant relationships in your life right now? What do you think they would say to you as you begin this journey?
10. What is the best outcome that could play out as a result of your decision to say “yes” to the call to adventure?

There might be other, more specific questions you could ask to reflect on a certain experience, but the purpose of this list is to guide your thinking about your divine design. You might want to turn on your iPad, open your laptop, or even take out pen and paper and write out your responses. This will help you process your thoughts as you sit and reflect.

Making critical decisions and taking action without proper time for reflection and clarity is dangerous. Get moving toward your divine design with some careful and thoughtful reflection.

What are some specific questions you use to reflect and learn from certain experiences?