Your divine design was embedded in you at the moment of your creation. But don't expect it to show up before you develop, cultivate and exercise that ability over time. And the truth is, you can’t do that on the sidelines. You must get in the game of life.

If you feel stuck, paralyzed, or hesitant, here are four steps you can take to get moving:

1.      Find a mentor: You need someone to keep you from drifting back into the kind of thinking that will keep you stuck.

2.      Keep a journal: Write down what you’re thinking. You’ll start to see important patterns and learn about yourself.

3.      Do something different every day: I don’t care if it’s as simple as trying a different kind of coffee, donut, or changing the route you take to the grocery store. Stay acquainted with being uncomfortable.

4.      Say yes to the hard decisions you’ve been postponing: It could be as small as losing five pounds or reading a book. It could be as big as finishing your degree or quitting your job. Whatever it is, you know you’ve been delaying; stop waiting and start acting.

It will become very clear to you as you move through life with this mindset that your past has uniquely prepared you for your present and future. You'll discover a personal power you didn't know you had. You'll sleep better, breathe deeper, and live with a level of intensity you haven’t experienced in a long time. That's what it feels like to be fully alive. And there is no better way to remain fully alive than when you align what motivates you with your divine design. At that moment, you are unstoppable.

Be the person you were created to be. Say yes to the adventure that is in front of you. This is your life, so live it with no regrets.