"Break" the Cycle


[vimeo id="133928732"] In the past I’ve talked about leaders burning out because of an overheated schedule. Heavy workloads just come with the territory, but that doesn’t mean that we compromise our life and health. No one is a superhuman. We need to take breaks.  Today I want to share a few more ideas about how leaders need to approach this aspect of their leadership.

First, find your break place. What I mean is that you find an outlet. You might like working out, surfing, going to the beach, mountain climbing, traveling outside the country, whatever it is that you need to unwind – make sure you find that outlet.

Second, find your break point. This is the place in your schedule where you know you’re going to need to take time off. This could be after a heavy time of travel, meetings, or conferences. It could be after you finish a huge project at work. Whatever it is, make sure you identify it. Now granted, this is going to take some time to understand about yourself, but you absolutely need to find where you should place the break point.

Third, time your break point. After you find your break point, it’s time to schedule it. Now it’s important to understand that burnouts don’t happen when you expect them. You can keep working for years; giving 110% on full throttle and all of sudden it sneaks up on you. This is why you need to consistently time these breaks throughout the year to recharge your batteries. These are a part of a balanced life.

Fourth, expand your break point. If you’re in leadership and you have people who are also working with you, you need to encourage them to do the same. It’s one thing to know how to do breaks on your own, but another to pass it on to your team. Your team needs breaks as much as you do. So be intentional about training your them to have these same disciplines.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I trust you’ve been encouraged by these thoughts. If you have some follow up thoughts, please do not hesitate to write a few words below. Have a great day!