What we can learn from historical leaders.


[vimeo id="98759551"] There are several names that come to mind when we think about some of the greatest leaders in history. Their experiences in life can teach us many lessons about what it means to be an effective leader. I’m always encouraged to reflect on these leaders because even though they went through difficulties, they grew stronger from those experiences. I want to share some lessons from a few of these leaders.

First, Nelson Mandela. I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Mandela is a hallmark leader. I think one of the lessons that we can learn from his time as president of South Africa is the power of forgiveness. He led an incredible campaign that brought to light the atrocities committed during the apartheid era. This became known as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which cultivated the ground for forgiveness and began to develop health in the country. Just imagine a South Africa without reconciliation; it would a very different social and cultural climate.

Second, Mother Teresa. She definitely stands out as another admired leader in the history of the world. The leadership lesson we can learn from her is the power of compassion and love. This is probably the most powerful legacy of her life. Her work among the poor of Calcutta, India and around the world serves as an inspiration to leaders everywhere. As she served those in need, she became the international leader for giving compassion and loving others. I think that her legacy is one that definitely should inspire all of us to live for something more than ourselves through compassion and love.

Third, Abraham Lincoln. His presidency was marked by a great deal of turmoil and the most stressful time the country had faced since the revolutionary war. I think the lessons we can learn from his presidency are perseverance and courage. His leadership during the civil war witnessed courageous determination to preserve the union. We can all take note from his leadership that not all is lost even if things seem absolutely impossible – President Lincoln endured several of these moments. Perseverance and courage will take you far in your leadership. Lincoln’s legacy stands a testimony of that lesson. He was able to bring a bloody war to an end preserve the union of the United States.

I hope these few points have encouraged your leadership today. If there are other leaders that you would add to this list, please let me know. Feel free to respond below – have a great day!