[vimeo id="140967384"] If you’ve ever been in leadership for an extended time, you’ve probably been frustrated when a project stalls. You had everyone on board and everyone was excited! But then other things came up or maybe life just got in the way, and the idea got put on the back-burner. This can be incredibly frustrating for a leader because it often takes more energy to re-start a project than to create one. So how do you turnaround a project’s momentum when it’s gone cold? Well here are a few ideas.

First, gather the project leaders together for some vision-casting. A mission loses its momentum when its leaders lose their vision. Many times the key to creating turnaround is remembering. What is the goal of this project? What does success look like? Why should this be a priority? And how are you implementing it? What you’re effectively doing is recreating the vision that started this mission in the first place.

Second, strategize with your key people. Identify the two or three people who are going to make the biggest difference in this project. Then give each of them three things to put 90% of their effort into. Tell them to delegate, drop, or punt everything else on their to-do list and focus on those three things. This frees them up to concentrate on the mission at hand. It also means you have two or three people who are solely focused on this project and who will keep everyone else involved on task as well.

Lastly, identify an easy victory that can be reached quickly to build back momentum. Achieving a quick win reignites the group’s excitement about the project. They begin to associate the project with success and accomplishment. They start looking for other wins they can attain as a team. As the group continues to celebrate these successes, they’ll quickly regain that momentum.

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