Creating yourself a personal mission statement


[vimeo id="84954878"] There’s lots of talk about company mission statements and organizational missions, but have you ever thought about creating a personal mission statement? What would that look like? What would you say if some asked you to sum up your life mission in a few quick phrases? If you feel absolutely clueless – don’t worry, many others feel the same way, however, we can’t mellow in those thoughts of cluelessness. The point is you were created for a purpose, you have a unique divine design written in your spiritual and physical genome – you just have to accept the call to adventure to discover it.

My friend Justin Lathrop offered some great ideas about how to create your personal mission statement. We have to go beyond the general facts of our life to create this statement, however, let those facts guide you as dig deeper to discovering your purpose and mission. Concentrate on asking questions about yourself, what inspires you, what drives you, and motivates you; think about what makes you tick.

Justin laid out three practical questions to ask to develop your mission statement:

First, who are you?

These questions should draw from a profound description of your identity. Think about your unique divine design, and that special genome that is uniquely yours, and belongs to no one else. What qualities, gifts, talents, and abilities encompass your special design?

Second, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

These are the motivators in your life. They are the catalyst moments that drove you to where you are today. Think about causes or issues in the world that really make you tick and make you want to go take charge and have an impact. Maybe you’re passionate about solving human trafficking, poverty issues, or social businesses, it could be any number of things. The point is that these passions cause a surge of energy in you to get up in the morning and do something about it.

Third, what do people say about you?

This is extremely important for us to grasp. Even though we may receive some negative criticism from others at times, it’s important to understand that these can help you – if you allow them too. And not all that people say about you is negative; paying attention to what people say will allow you to discover deeper levels of your divine design. You’ll discover new gifts, talents and abilities that you never knew you had. People can say hurtful things at times, but they can also communicate encouraging and revealing thoughts about who you were created to be. The bottom line is that we should listen to other people and engage in what they’re saying about you and your life. They may have some unique new insights about your divine design.

When you’ve asked these questions, I recommend that you reflect on them and meditate on what you’ve discovered. Start writing down prototype mission statements and work towards the final product. This is something you’ll want to repeat every now and again, as life is full of new adventures that will shape your divine design and personal mission statement.

What’s your personal mission statement? How has it helped shape who you are today?