Creating a problem-free church


[vimeo id="95746503"] I came across a very interesting post by Justin Lathrop titled – Creating a Problem Free Church. Immediately, I thought to myself, yeah right! A problem-free church is a fantasy for sure.  The truth is that as long as we live in a broken and fallen world, we will face problems with people and the organizations we run. Justin knows this and made sure to be clear about that. However, he highlights some great ideas about habits or practices that could be cultivated into church culture and leadership to help create a problem-resistant church. I’ll highlight a few them for you today.

First, take ownership. It’s important for the ministry leader to understand that their leadership creates culture. Therefore, they are responsible for building a culture that emphasizes a posture of problem solving so that conflict doesn’t just get brushed under the rug. The leadership must empower people to develop their problem-solving skills to solve issues. If you equip people to properly handle issues, your church will begin to see an overall upward trend in conflict resolution.

Second, ask for help.  This is something that people seem to always struggle with  because they feel it’s a sign of weakness. They have a hard time understanding that asking for help is not a sign of insecurity, but rather confidence because it shows that you’re not afraid to admit that you don’t know something. Also, soliciting wisdom is probably the best thing that you can do to help understand the right solution. Ask advice from those who might have experience in the issue that you’re dealing with. The goal is to solve the issue, and if that means asking for help, then ask away.

Third, think biblically and pray. The more time we dedicate to reading the Bible the better equipped we will be to solve the issues at hand. Scriptures all over teach us ways to deal with issues in a righteous manner. Above all, always before going into a conflict resolution moment, be sure to pray and ask for God’s wisdom. The bottom line is that God wants the problem to be solved, and He created you to be a problem solver. He will use you, so ask for wisdom.

I hope these few thoughts have encouraged you today. What would you add to this list and why? I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day!