Cultivating Relationships


[vimeo id="146002380"] The most valuable thing a leader is entrusted with is a relationship. In today’s world, we are constantly managing hundreds of relationships. From employees to employers, teachers to students, and friends to family, we are constantly surrounded by relationships. An effective leader knows how to cultivate those relationships even deeper. It’s not easy. But there’s nothing more valuable in this life than the relationships you have been entrusted with. Here are a few ideas on cultivating deeper relationships.

First of all, be willing to swallow your pride. Pride is one of the most damaging forces on a relationship. Pride isn’t necessarily having an inflated view of yourself. Real pride is when a leader never focuses on anything except themselves. Pride looks at a relationship and asks, “How can this benefit me?” On the other hand, a humble leader views relationships as opportunities to steward and empower others to achieve the dreams God has put inside of them.

Secondly, be intentional about communicating. A relationship is only as strong as the level of communication. If you want to foster deeper relationships, allow others to speak into your life. Let them share some constructive criticism or encouragement with you. Sometimes people just need time to vent about the difficulties they’re facing. And it’s important people feel safe talking with you about what’s going on in their life. Be willing to share your dreams and desires with them and allow them to share their own passions with you!

Third, be willing to invest your time. Time is a leader’s most valuable resource. Many times we will invest our time into our organizations or businesses at the expense of personal relationships. The problem is there is no substitute for time when it comes to relationships! It takes time to listen to people when they’re struggling with life. It takes time to encourage people and invest in their lives so that they can realize their God-given dreams. Your time is your most valuable resource. So invest into the most valuable thing you’ve been given and that is relationships.

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