The dilemma of not fast enough.


[vimeo id="95751080"] Recently, Relevant Magazine wrote a great article on a dilemma that many people struggle with in life. They have started to believe that they are falling behind in life and feel like the “slow turtle” in the group. The reality is that life doesn’t move as fast as we’d like sometimes, in fact, I just posted a blog not too long ago about why God doesn’t work on our timetable in case you’re interested in reading a little more. Anyway, the article highlighted a few ideas that I think are pretty timely for many of us about life and it not moving fast enough.

First, in terms of relationships – it takes time to build good ones. Solid relationships don’t happen over night. The ones that will last throughout life are the ones that are built intentionally over a long period of time. And, not just in the good times of the relationship, but in the bad times as well. This means that you don’t bail out when you get into a fight with your friend or significant other, but rather you walk through it and work at the relationship. In fact, it’s often through conflict that relationships deepen and grow stronger. However, you have to give it time to grow. That’s the only way you build good relationships that last.

Second, fast doesn’t always mean better. Would you want to be operated on by someone who rushed through medical school? I think most of us would say – probably not. It takes time, practice and dedication to become really good at something. In fact, many times it’s the rushing through work, life and relationships that creates most of the issues we then have to clean up. We have to learn to take a step back and do things the right way the first time.

Third, it’s your main job to stay in step with Christ. When you feel like people are moving faster in life than you, it is not your job to try to catch up to them. If you’re doing what God has called you to do, then you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at this very moment in time. If you try to rush and catch up to where you see that others might be, then you’re only going to end up working against the divinely designed plan that God has for you. Allow God to reveal His divinely designed journey for you in His good and perfect timing.

Why do you think we tend to want to rush through life? How would you slow down? Thanks for taking time to read my blog today. I hope these points encouraged you. As always, I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to respond. Have an awesome day!