The Discipline of Relationships


[vimeo id="119271994"] I’m excited to be publishing a new book in April titled 9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership. I blogged about it not too long ago when I talked about the discipline of Self-management. This new book expands on my thoughts and ideas from This Adventure Called Life as I share about the disciplines that will help you grow in your divine design.

Today, I want to share about another discipline and that is the discipline of relationships.

Regardless of what you do or where you are, your life is intertwined with relationships. From your family to the barista at Starbucks to your trainers at the gym to even the grocery-store cashier, your life is full of God-given relationships. You are a relational being created in the image of a relational God. This is why the discipline of relationships is so important in living out your divine design. There are three crucial aspects of the discipline of relationships: empowerment, trust, and collaboration. I’ll share about them today.

First of all, empowerment is the act of giving power or authority to someone to do what he or she is qualified and motivated to do. In Ephesians 4:11-13, Paul writes that God gave church leaders the responsibility of equipping His people to live out their divine designs. Unfortunately, I’ve seen church leaders repeatedly turn people’s talents into simple tools. Plugging people into holes on an organizational chart without first getting to know the person’s divine design is not the same as equipping people for works of service. This damages the church and the person. The end result in both churches and businesses is unenthusiastic people who have moved from active to passive participants. As leaders we need to be people who will empower them reach their full potential.

Secondly, the quality of your relationships is directly linked to your trustworthiness. I read an article called “Building Trust Inside Your Team” that listed several practical things that leaders can do to build trust. The first thing was to lead by example.  This is extremely important for leaders, and I have discussed this before in previous blogs. However, I want to emphasize to you that people will believe your actions more than your words. Another practical suggestion was to avoid playing the blame game. Even when we live out our divine design, we will make mistakes. The best thing we can do is accept responsibility and process it as a learning experience. This builds trust.

Lastly, organizations are greater when they collaborate and cooperate. This is one of the great benefits of organizations and is also why we must work together. However, what many leaders miss is that if you collaborate together, you receive the credit together as well. Your ability to acknowledge the talents, contributions, and achievements of others is valuable in developing high-quality relationships.  I recently discussed Mark Sanborn’s comment, “Without people, the vision perishes.” This is a truth that a leader cannot afford to overlook, and it is important that we understand this discipline.

If you’re interested in growing further in your leadership and want to learn more about how to live a fulfilled life, I encourage you to read my book. I’m excited about it and look forward to releasing it and I pray it will encourage and transform your life journey. You can follow the link below for more information. Have a great day!