Discover your calling


[vimeo id="84956141"] I came across another great post by Justin Lathrop on discovering your calling. This is a question that all people wrestle with at one point or another throughout life. Many of us spend the early years of our life searching, seeking, testing, trying failing, and trying again, and sometimes might feel discouraged. The good news is that you were created with purpose, passion and are destined for a unique mission custom designed just for you. It may take some time to discover the calling, but you will. I love the two questions that Justin mentions in the post, and I want to take a few moments to share those with you on your journey to discover your calling and divine design.

First, what am I passionate about?

This may seem like the most redundant and frustrating question you could ever ask yourself, but within it is the calling that was designed for you. It is your passion that keeps you moving forward on the journey of life. Talking through your passions, dreams and desires will always help you process through all the confusing noise and help you move forward to your calling.

Second, where do I see my passion changing others?

This question is more important than you think. The truth is that if our passion is not positively impacting and changing others, we’re in grave danger of missing our missional mark. God never designs anyone with gifts, talents and abilities to simply fulfill their selfish desires. God has always been others focused, and passionate about using people to change others to reach their divine design.

Remember that the main mission in all our lives is to have an impact on the people God places in our lives. We need to be vigilant in always asking these two questions as we move forward in life. They will help you discover your calling and divine design.

What are you doing to discover your calling?