What your divine design is all about


[vimeo id="87208738"] I love to write about divine design and how it is shaped, developed and changed throughout our life journey. It’s amazing to see the variation in people and how God wired each one of us uniquely and completely different from others. However, sometimes we can get lost in our uniqueness and lose the main idea behind why we were created. We may become too focused on ourselves. The main thing that we need to keep close to our hearts and minds is one simple truth.

Your life is about others.

God divinely designed us so that we can serve Him and the people around us through our gifts and talents. God never intended for us to be selfish and use our design for our own gain. It’s always important to remember that no matter how far we develop in our talents and gifts, they were still given for the purpose of serving God and others, and not our self-centered desires.

When we examine the life of Jesus, we realize that His life directly reflected the kind of servant leadership that we all should aspire to accomplish. His divine design was completely focused on the people around Him. Jesus used all that was given Him to serve the purpose of His Father in heaven – we should strive to do the same.

You may be thinking that it is impossible to always be focused on others.

You’re right! Even Jesus took time away for Himself, to recharge His batteries so that He could continue working to achieve His mission. But remember, He rested so that He could continue His service to others. He understood His divine design and the mission that came along with it, and He knew how to steward it properly. However, Jesus never focused His gifts, talents and abilities to serve Himself – Jesus rested so He could go back into serving others.

Some time ago I wrote about the necessity for all leaders to take time to disconnect and recharge. If you’re struggling with taking time for yourself, take a look at this post – I know it will encourage you.

As you discover more levels of your divine design, keep in mind that all the gifts you uncover were given to you to serve others. It’s not about you; it’s about how God wants you to serve Him and others. You were uniquely crafted by God and for His awesome purposes.

This doesn’t mean that you become a slave to others; however, it does mean that you will live a life full of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. We find our meaning and purpose when we realize it’s not about us and it’s about who God made us to be.

How can you maximize your divine design to serve God and others?