Divine Design captured: an example from life


Life is more than a mundane existence. The same is true for the university experience. It should be much more than learning how to take a test. Academics are certainly part of the university equation, but generally speaking, university is a formative time for people to discover their divine design. While books can serve as both catalysts and confirmations of our assumptions, the best way to discover and affirm the person God is calling you to become is through experiences. That’s why it’s important to me that we create experiences for our students to discover and confirm their calling while they are at our university.

SEU Worship is one such experience. After releasing their first full-length album earlier this year, students in our worship ministry recently released a new EP at the beginning of this school year. From the Vanguard Room is a collection of songs written and performed by various Southeastern students. They're pouring their heart and soul into their God given passion and capturing their divine design in the process.

I couldn’t be more proud of these students. Not so much because the album was a success, but because these students are actively living out the steps to discover their divine design. For some students the album was more than just a fun opportunity to record music with friends—it was confirmation that leading worship and performing music is part of their God-given design.

Was it scary for those students to start the process of recording a live album without knowing how it would end up? Probably. Was it difficult at times? Absolutely. But each of them faced the challenges head-on and together created something that is far greater than just a piece to add to their portfolio. They were living out their divine design and putting all their strengths and gifts into action.

Developing the next wave of leaders is critical for both churches and businesses. I’m proud to say that this is one way SEU is empowering their students to prepare for life after university and gain valuable experiences to help direct them toward life’s calling.

What are some other ways higher education institutions can create experiences for students to discover their divine design during those formative years?