Don't believe the lies


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Often when I’m spending time with students, I have great conversations with them about life, calling, mission, and just about anything in between. However, I’ve noticed that many of the students I speak to seem to have some genuine concerns about their lives and whether or not they’re really “making it.” It seems that students today are under more stress and pressure than ever before about life and reaching their goals. They work, study, intern, write papers, take tests, and repeat the cycle. They seem to always think that it’s never enough.

I’d like to encourage all those students today. Not long ago, I came across an article in Relevant Magazine titled 5 Lies Every Twentysomething Needs to Stop Believing. The article laid out some fantastic thoughts for young adults struggling with “making it.”

Here they are:

I’m the only one struggling. This is a great lie that students need to stop believing. The truth is that most young adults are dealing with the same questions about life, career, mission, calling, or just about anything else you can name. It’s okay to be wrestling with big questions. In fact, we should struggle. It’s a part of the adventure, it’s what shapes and makes us into the people God has designed us to be. God will lead you to discover your purpose.

I should be successful by now! Like right now! Wrong. As most movies and popular media would have you believe, success happens right after college and usually comes in the forms of huge salaries, sports cars, and bigger-than-life-size houses. Even though there’s nothing wrong with achieving economic success, these achievements are preceded by hard work. However, if you want to achieve real success, part of it comes in the form of investing in people and developing others to reach the full potential of their divine design. There’s no greater rate of return than seeing people grasp their potential and apply it to their passion.

Life is not turning out like it was supposed to. As long as you’re following God with all your heart and seeking His will for your life in developing your gifts and talents – you’re on the right track. So if you discipline yourself to do this, life will turn out exactly as it’s supposed to according God’s plan. We need to trust the Divine Artist much more.

I don’t have what it takes. Unfortunately too many people believe this and give up. The truth is that you have exactly what it takes. Otherwise, God would not have placed those passions and dreams in you. He has divinely designed you to fulfill a specific mission in life and He has equipped you for that journey. Trust in Him. Keep striving!

I am a failure. No you’re not. The only failure in life is not getting up after we fall. Failures happen so we can learn, and as long as we keep learning, we keep growing. Our perspective needs to shift from thinking that failures are detrimental. They’re not. They are learning opportunities that God can use for helping you discover deeper levels of your divine design. Try, fail, get up, adjust, and try again.

Whatever your life may look like in your twenties, stop believing the lies that are fed to you. Ultimately, we’re all living our own unique divinely designed journey which does not fit a predetermined human mold, but develops and shapes through the journey of life into a beautiful masterpiece. Keep moving. Keep trusting.

What were you struggles in your twenties? How did you overcome them?