Don't confuse the hills in your life for mountains


[vimeo id="79125573"] This adventure we call life is filled with hills and mountains. Both can be daunting. They both provide challenges in our journey. We might not know how to get around them at first. However, the important thing for us to understand is that there’s a big difference between the two.

The difference between the hills and mountains in your life

The best way to identify whether the challenge we’re facing is a hill or a mountain is to take a step back. When we’re able to visualize the other side, it might be a hill. We know that the challenge will probably last for a certain period of time, but if we can last, we’ll be able to push through to the other side. Your first semester of college is a great example of one of the hills we face in life. There’s no denying that it’s going to be difficult, but that doesn’t mean we give up.

If we’re really not sure what lies on the other side, it’s probably a mountain. If it’s a mountain, we have to prepare for a lengthy journey, press hard and head towards the top… one step at a time. We need to look for ways to constantly find little wins along the journey. Mountains in your life could be your college experience or perhaps a new direction in your career, but be sure to keep focused along the way.

It’s time to take the first step

There is no hill or mountain in life that doesn’t come with lingering doubts and the possibility of failure. It is part of the good things that are coming. It can also be overwhelming to work out in our own lives and decision-making. Overcoming both requires three things: faith, courage, and conviction. The other side of these three things are equally powerful: doubt, uncertainty, and fear. The action we take moves us in the direction of one or the other.

Whenever you face the hills or mountains in life, you can either take the first step forward or turn around and walk the other way. Don’t give up. The best thing we can do is to identify the challenge, prepare ourselves to overcome it, and start moving forward.

Is there a hill or mountain on the horizon in your journey? How are you working to prepare for it?