Don’t wait to change until you have to


[vimeo id="113322940"] Have you ever felt that you weren’t hungry, but as soon as you started cooking food you realized that you actually were hungry? It’s funny how we can get so focused on doing something that we don’t even realize that we need to eat. Sometimes we don’t realize were hungry until we start feeling lightheaded and weak. I got to thinking about this a bit more and realized that it’s actually a lot like the way we deal with change in leadership and in organizations. We don’t want it until it’s too late.

Organizations can get so focused on their mission that they ignore the blind spots in their model. They might be comfortable with doing things the way they’ve always done them and don’t understand the dynamics of their changing market. Many don’t start to change until it’s too late and end up having to close their doors.

There’s a great video that I’ve used in several presentations that explains the power behind change. This video is about the principle of the Sigmoid curve. It explains the fact that if companies don’t regularly reinvent themselves, they will find their product and mission obsolete. Companies need to constantly create new curves of growth and development in order to maintain a healthy posture in the market place. Companies that get comfortable with their existing products will ultimately plateau.

An example of this is the Ford Motor Company. The leadership of the company refused to reinvent or branch out from their original car model. The result was that Ford began to lose market share rapidly, until finally changing its ways. Luckily Ford did change their approach in time and remains successful to this day.

This same principle is true for people as well. Unless we discipline ourselves to live by the sigmoid curve and start creating new curves of growth in our lives we will begin to die.

So, how exactly can you do this?

Creating new curves of growth in your life can start with several different things. This can include fostering new relationships, starting new hobbies, beginning a new career, going back to school or starting a new business. The characteristic that makes something a new curve is the fact that it forces you to deal with a new set of circumstances. It places you in a position where you’re forced to move out of your comfort zone and into new challenges. These curves will cause you to think differently and help you discover new strengths and abilities.

It’s important to remember that the longer you wait to start changes in your life or in your organization, the harder it is to turn things around. It’s important to get into the habit of creating these new curves on a regular basis to ensure the consistency in your growth and development. Start thinking through new ideas that might be the possible curves in your life and start pursuing it. Don’t be afraid of change, but embrace it. Be intentional about starting those new growth curves in your life.

I trust these thoughts have encouraged you today to live a life of constant growth. If you have any follow up thoughts I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!