Eliminating the enemy of your to-do list


[vimeo id="100991019"] A lot of people struggle with getting things done at work. We have our to-do lists and walk into the office with a great attitude of how we’re going to get it done. Soon enough the cell phone rings – you talk for 20 minutes. Someone walks in your office and you visit for 30 minutes. You get another email and you spend another 15 minutes writing an email. And before you know it, over an hour has passed and you haven’t even touched the items on your to-do list. So what’s the issue here?


They take us away from what our mission is that day. So what can we do to counter our distractions?

Here are a few ideas that Justin Lathrop suggested:

First, maybe start working from home in the mornings: With our modern technology it’s easy to work from home. I’m not suggesting that you work from home every morning, but maybe pick a few days out of the week when you can spend some time working from home. I find it that I’m much more productive at my home office. I make myself some coffee, and I’m well rested and ready to get it done. You should definitely give a try.

Second, turn off your cell phone. This distraction is probably the worst there is. Don’t just turn it on vibrate, because I know we can all feel that slight tremor on the desk when the phone starts buzzing. We feel as if we’ve got to answer it or see who liked our status or retweeted one of our tweets. The simple fix is, just turn it off and don’t even look at it for the time being.

Third, make up some deadlines for your projects. Some of us already work with deadlines, but those of us who do not and have the ability to work on our own schedule need to create some due dates. Once you begin to force yourself to finish your tasks by a certain time, it will automatically make it a priority in your life. Deadlines have a funny way to keep you on task. It’s much easier to not take any walk-in appointments or take all the calls that come in.

We need to become aggressive with eliminating distractions. It comes down to the simple principle of having healthy disciplines. You need to force yourself to focus on what is important so that the mission for the day is accomplished.

I trust you’ve been encouraged today with eliminating your distractions. But what would you add to this list? What helped you eliminate distractions? I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to respond below. Have an awesome day!