The essence of friendships


[vimeo id="97653172"] Friendships can be difficult at times. There’s no doubt that you and I have probably gone through times when we just want to give up on friendships and want to go hide under a rock. In reality though, that’s never going to solve anything. I think when we might be feeling down about friendships, we need to remember that they are in our life for a very specific reason.

You see, God created people to participate in community with one another. It’s in the context of that friendship that God invests in your development and hones your divine design.

How exactly does God use friendships to hone you? Well, here are a few ideas

First, friends can call you out when you need it. Accountability is something that is uncomfortable for many of us. However, it’s very necessary. You need people in your life that will call you out when you need to be corrected. You might not like it, but only a true friend will actually tell you what you need to hear. Take the example of David and Nathan from the Bible. Nathan knew that he needed to be a true friend to David and do God’s will. He understood that he had to go talk to David about his adulterous and murderous affair, and because he was obedient, David benefitted greatly.

Second, friendships give us the opportunity to serve one another. I think this is a very powerful concept. The idea of service is something that we might resist, but it does us a lot of good to humble ourselves and serve one another. By serving our friends we’re honing our divine design because we’re putting our selfish pride away and it opens us up to learn more about ourselves in a posture of humility. Jesus did the same thing even right before dying. At the last supper we read about Jesus serving His friends – His disciples – by washing their feet before dinner. Friendship is a privilege and it is an honor to serve your friends.

Third, friendships can help us realize our rough edges. This is similar to the first one, but slightly different because this deals with our personality rather than bad habits. We all have our rough edges, some of us are prone to losing our temper easily, some might put others down indirectly through comments, but whatever the rough edges are – friendship helps bring it out. Sometimes we notice it ourselves, but other times we need the process of friendship to reveal it for us. The point is that we understand the things that we need to change about ourselves.

Thanks for reading my blog today. I hope you gained some insights from this post. If you’d like to share your thoughts with me, please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!