Excited for Fire football


[vimeo id="103928240"] At Southeastern University, we’re definitely excited about Fire football and can’t wait to see our team take the field and start winning games.  This is a project that has been years in the making. It’s taken countless hours of planning and strategizing, all of which have led us to the start of our very first season.

Needless to say there’s lots of reasons to be excited for football, but I came across a great article on the Bleacher Report that highlighted some great reasons as to why football is an awesome game.  I think you’ll appreciate them as much as I do. In fact, after reading the article, I was even more excited about Fire Football.

First, tailgating. When it comes to a football game, I think it would take a natural disaster to hold people back from the game, let alone, tailgating. This is a huge part of the whole football experience. The food, barbequing and pregame skirmishes with opposing fans will add a great deal to the community experience. It’s an all around good time. As long as people don’t get too rowdy.

Second, got to love the rivalries. There are more rivalries than I can count throughout sports: UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans, Bears and Packers, Auburn and Alabama, and the list goes on and on. The truth is however, rivalries actually bring out the best in both teams (it’s not always the case with the fans), but rivalries actually make the mid-season games seem like playoff games. The players bring a whole new level of intensity and determination to the field when rival team is on the other side.

Third, the hero stories. All sports are filled with stories about how great athletes emerged from difficult circumstances and became the best in their sport. This is true of football. Many of these athletes become the role models that children grow up admiring. These athletes are also a source of hope for many. They inspire us to go after our dreams and become the best we can in whatever field we end up pursuing.

These are just some of the reasons why at Southeastern, we’re so excited about launching this Fire football season. This is an achievement that the Southeastern University community wants to share with the entire City of Lakeland as well as Polk County. Our dedication to our community has never been stronger and our heart at SEU is to always see this city thrive, grow and develop into an even greater place than before. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite the City of Lakeland to come and enjoy a few games of football at Southeastern University