Extraordinary is your best defense and offense


[vimeo id="107948968"] Chik-Fil-A employees are known for their excellent customer service. For a while, the workers of Chik-Fil-A were dominating the customer service arena. Lately, other companies have been picked up on these principles and are getting much better in their service. But did Chik-Fil-A stop being great at customer service? Absolutely not, with each day it seems like they are continuing to surprise us with their extraordinary hospitality and growth. Good service is a part of their culture.

Mark Sanborn posted a great blog not too long ago about how extraordinary is your best defense and offense and he talks about the two different levels with which companies must be successful to keep their customers happy. I’d like to share about those two levels in a little bit of a different light – the ministry light.

The two levels are: organizational and personal. I think both of those things are very important if you are thinking about going into the ministry. Let me explain both of them in the ministry light.

First, Organizational level: Be a ministry that cares about people and their wellbeing. Why were people so attracted to Jesus. I think one reason is that he genuinely cared about people and wanted to make sure that they grew and developed in their life. I think this is how we need to approach the way we lead churches. If your church is all about growth and that’s all that the ministry cares about, people are going to be left by the wayside. Growth doesn’t mean that the church cares. What shows that the ministry cares is the investment that the ministry makes in the spiritual development and growth of all the people. Companies that only care about profits usually don’t last. People won’t do business where they’re not appreciated and valued. This same principle is true about churches.

Second, Personal level: Be willing to sacrifice some of your comfort for the growth of others.

We’ve all heard that to be serious we have to “have some skin in the game.” As ministry leaders we often have to sacrifice for the sake of others to make sure that they’re growing and developing. This could mean making time during evenings to lead leadership classes, bible studies, prayer meetings, or just meeting with people to talk about their lives. This can be tough, because most ministry leaders don’t work a regular 9 – 5 job. However, this type of sacrificial service is another way to build a culture that cares. This is how Jesus lived. He lived for the sake of others and even said that He came so that we could live life in a more empowered way. We need to follow His example and serve people as He did.

If you’re a ministry leader, I trust these thoughts have encouraged you and helped you start thinking through how you can implement the organizational and personal levels in your ministry.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me – you can write a comment below.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you have a great day!