Fear and Decisions


[vimeo id="84953966"] Through life, we encounter several significant moments that interrupt our day-to-day flow of things. I like to call these interruptions catalysts. There’s no doubt you’ve experienced these moments in your life. They may come in the form of an email, phone call, a thought, an idea or maybe you just read or saw something that sparked your passion. It was something that interrupted the normal process of your life that caused you to reflect and even rethink the direction of your life. You meditate on that moment and think about the possibility of pursuing what the catalyst started. Before you know it, you might be standing at a crossroads of a new adventure and a decision to accept. One thing is sure, you’re experiencing one familiar feeling – fear.

Fear is the one universal factor that everyone experiences at the point of decision. We fear because we feel that one single decision will determine the rest of our lives. We feel that if we make the wrong choice, we’ll never be able to recover from that decision and we’ll be stuck in a cycle of failure.

This is simply not true. Our lives are composed of several decisions made over a lifetime, and no one on earth gets it right every time. As soon as we understand that making decisions is a natural part of the journey and that failure is detrimental only if we allow it to be, we can begin to live effective stories and journeys.

So, how do we overcome the fear we face at decisions?

Here’s a few encouraging ways that will help you move forward.

  1. Think through what life will look like if you do make the decision. Think about your life as if you had already made the decision. Would your life look the way that God intended? Does committing to the decision honor the divine design in you? The key here is to find whether your decision will steer you away from what God designed you to do. Your God given mission may change with this decision, be sure that it’s changed how God would want it changed.
  2. Once you commit, stay committed.  Once you’ve determined that the decision is the right one to make – commit to it. Many people say that they'll do something, but never follow through, so the crucial component is to stay committed to what you have decided to do. Be encouraged in this process and rest assured that God is leading and guiding you through this transitional season.
  3. Finally, Trust God.  If you’re committed to following God with all your heart, then He will be faithful to direct and guide your path. This is His divine promise to us. Stay focused and committed on your newfound path, and trust God to lead and guide you even through the rough things. He is continually shaping, molding and changing you to become His perfect masterpiece.

Decisions can often bring a fear component with them – don’t let it paralyze you. I hope these few thoughts have encouraged you today and perhaps affirmed you to take the new adventure and trust God.

How did you overcome the fear of decision? What happened after?