Do you feel your life is too complicated as a twentysomething?


[vimeo id="117828584"] As a university president, I have the privilege of working with a diverse group of young people. I love the energy that they have in taking the bull by the horns and running after their dreams. Often in my conversations I find some of them struggling with things that tend to over complicate their life. Twentysomethings want to do a lot and make a difference, but they shouldn’t allow themselves to be over burdened by things that don’t matter.

Relevant magazine posted a great article on a few of these complicating life factors. I’d like to share a few of them with you along with my own thoughts and feedback.

First, twentysomethings feel the pressure of having everything about their life figured out. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t have life figured out in my twenties. Now, I knew what my passions were and I had a good idea about my Divine Design, but I didn’t know what that meant in the long run. I want to remind you today that, life is a process embedded with a series of discoveries. As we journey through life, we discover our calling and purpose as God leads and guides us. We don’t need to have everything figured. We need to trust God that He has it figured out.

Second, twentysomthings feel that they need to cure their loneliness. Sure, relationships are an important part of life. However, when it comes to romantic relationships and dating in general. I feel that there is a huge level of pressure for some university students to find “the one” as soon as possible. Let me just say that these kinds of relationships cannot and should not, ever, be forced especially if you’re feeling lonely. Loneliness is cured when we spend time with God and invest in friendships. God will bring the romantic relationship to you at the right time. In the meanwhile, chase God’s will and His plans for your life.

Third, twentysomethings feel they need to be completely independent. Your twenties are a transformative season in your life journey. You may have moved out of your parent’s place and have begun the learning process of what it means to be an adult. Reality of bills and work set in. This can be a trying time, and frustrating because you might feel like you’re not making it. Let me tell you, it’s alright to ask for help. Often in life, it does our ego good to swallow our pride. You might not know how to get an apartment, how to buy a car, or what it means to have a credit card.  Don’t just go into things because you feel that “you need to be independent,” but ask for advice. Don’t allow this to be an overcomplicating factor.

Twenties are an exciting time of learning. Ask for advice, develop friendships and enjoy the process of discovery. I hope these thoughts have encouraged you today. Feel free to respond below if you have some follow up thoughts or questions. Have a great day!